Time Untold

Beautiful yet elusive, she walks, beside him indefinitely,
No other woman, could accompany him, so completely,
She holds him firm, in
the face of oppositional
The incessant
chaperone, she shadows him
almost abstractly,
The sands descend, filtering singularly,
a moment in life
Whisper to me. "What and
who are you forsaking? "
No man can manipulate her, no favor will she
Her rules and
expectations, something
she will not recant,
He will beg and plead, yet
no mercy will she
Unforgiven is her
passing, there shall be
no favorable accord,
The hand reaches forward
little by little, each
solitary tick, a moment
in life escaping,
Tell me. "What positives
and values were you
Mislead in his pursuit,
safe now within his own
Harsh is her presence,
yet so loving is her
ethereal arrangement,
She will embrace, your
pain, then she will
simply wait alongside,
Mortal wounds, she has, healed, her intricate embrace sanctified,
The sunlight fades upon the horizon, rays
vanishing steadily, a moment in life escaping,
Sing to me. What type of ideations were you
Through opaque eyes, he reviews his past negligence,
Whilst he perceives, entitlement to just one more chance,
His mistress, has
afforded him, every single eventuality,
He seeks to find, the moments that he feels
owed continually,
The heart slowly beats, every isolated beat, a moment in life escaping,
Justify to me. Did you appreciate all the beauty
who was adjudicating? ,

Never being thankful, for all she has provided, his
expectant plight,
Time to love, time to
laugh, time to heal within her respite,
He holds his mistress,
for one final dance, so
sad yet elegantly
His love affair, thus, finally concluded, with
his Mistress Time,
The Autumn leaves
falling, a parody of
colour, a moment in life
Lie to me.Which of your life lessons are we absolving?
Through this life,
he travelled, from
beginning to desolate
His experiences shall be,
collated, yet he failed
to transcend,
So very bitter, his
demeanour, for lost
rights he had accrued,
Thankful in positivity, a
lesson he dismissed,

by Nell Sheridan

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The awesomeness is portrayed....The chain of creation....As the animals serves God, we will in turn serve God. And both we and the animals in accord will adore the Ancient of days