Man just sitting here watching time pass me by
I hope to god that I don’t die.
But I don’t know why now after all these years and living with so many fears
The tears just run down my face as I drink a couple bottles of beers hoping to release my pain man this doesn’t seem to stop my fears.
So god please help me I’m crying out here.
Can you see my pain can you see the hurt I guess it doesn’t matter after all I done to people it seems like nobody cares about me I pray to night that you my god show me a better way and that after this day I’ll change to be the man you want me to be
God I’m crying out please help me
If you can hear me I’m looking to the sky and I need someone to talk if you want to know just ask me why
God please help me I’m crying out and the man from hell is trying to get me killed I don’t know what to do and you’re the person I need
The person that gave me this life so god
Just help live this life as a christan man put me on track and I’ll be your main man
God is the way I promise this is the best day
So help me god I’m on my way

by leticia starkey

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