Man And The Universe

Poem By Leonard Sims

In the beginning was the universe
No one could make a verse.
Then came the human being
And everything had meaning.

The universe is endless, so vast.
Man is just a dot, a speck of dust.
His life in the universe merely a bubble
A truth that should make him to humble..

But a dot and bubble though man may be
He has a mind, the greatest thing to be.
In this brief life that he and all traverse
He can put in his mind this universe.

And when his knowledge and wisdom has widened
He will realize and he'll be awakened.
He's not just a man, a creature
He's not just a part of nature.

Man is nature getting aware of itself
Man is nature expressing love to itself.

Comments about Man And The Universe

Such a nice poem, Leonard. Read my poem, Love and L u s t. Thanks.

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