My Beloved Friend

My beloved friend
Whom I always prefer because
of the comfort that I feel
whenever I am with you

My beloved friend
One I can always count on
not just for support when in need
but for the honesty you display

You feel me in my time of hurt
You sip away the pain within
cause you believe in me even
when I seem to drift away

My beloved friend
You laugh with me in times of joy
but never at me in times of despair
Oh- how I pray to share all of life with you..
... My beloved friend

© golda164 Written 13th April,2007

by Golda C NjiribeakoAlexander

Comments (6)

Very alive in its descriptives whether they be gorgeous visuals or silken criticisms. It has more realism than most love poems that is for sure. Love these closing lines- -your old-fashioned tirade - loving, rapid, merciless - breaks like the Atlantic Ocean on my head.
Such a great write by Robert Lowell👍👍👍
'Tamed by Miltown, we lie on Mother's bed; the rising sun in war paint dyes us red; nice start to the poem. A nice poem. Enjoyed.
For those of us who like to use rhyme, this is another good example. Lowell’s rhymes flow naturally, seem accidental, which he achieves largely through varying line length. I can’t say why, but I most like the description in the last two lines of the first stanza, though they’re not alone for their freshness. GK
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