(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Man Destroys, Nature Salvages

How Nature creates life thats dear with ease?
How Nature sifts, selects, protects the best?
Yet, man creates, sometimes with new disease;
In ways, unheard of, costly, but with zest.

Yet, man destroys the human lives with ease;
And Nature too gets maimed beyond salvage;
Destruction too is done for mega fees;
Thus, Man lives in an earth, he turned his cage!

Who gave man rights to destroy his own race?
Who gave him this freedom to procreate?
And man has given earth a bizzare face;
Most sufferings, man-made will ne'er abate.

When will man know that life is good, precious?
When will man learn his ways are bad, vicious?

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i feel this poem captures the escense of mankinds blinkered and foolish comprehension, to the fact that we are our mother, and she is us, if she suffers then we accordingly correspond, and we cannot eat either money or rape our earth. many congratulations for your poignant creation. sending sparks of light and peace will munter