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Man Eating
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

Man Eating


I am watching a man eating
at a restaurant.
He eats daintily,
carefully selecting his portions,
like an artist choosing his colours
before using it on canvas.

He does not see me watching him,
or knows that his eating inspires poetry...

so when he looks up I cast my eyes down
to prevent the moment from
being ordinary.

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Comments (5)

A poem on an event. Simple but it became a poem.
i absolutly love this poem, it speaks to me so personally. it is such a well constructed piece. yuri you are truely a talented and amazing poet mat
You have a gift that I wish I could 'hone' in my own experience. The ability to draw inspiration from the most extraordinarily common incidents. I do like this poem a lot. Thanks, best wishes Richard
Absolutely stunning poem. I think tiffany barlow is perhaps missing the whole message of the poem. only special people can write like this. be blessed.
Perhaps the man does see you watching him but figures 'you are no one special' :) lol