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Man Forgets

Man, He seems to always forget
His sins from his own conflict,
And the evils he does against another man.
But then he will always remember
That one cold day in that one December,
When he gave out a helping hand.
He will remember his deed of good
When he helped another as he should,
But he’ll forget the evils that he has also done.
He will forget when he had cheated and had lied
When he had stolen and abused and cried,
And when he lost, but instead he said he had won.
Man will forget his pity and his shame
Will not remember his losses but only his gain,
His deeds will be like coal and its dying ember.
He will forget all of his evils ways
As he hoped that they will all be washed away,
But what Man forgets, GOD he will remember.

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