Man In Decline.

Lived too many years inside my head
too much time living like I was dead.
It's been so long since I felt this alone
So far, so distant
from what I once called Home.
Caught in a Karmic loop, no way out.
release met, set me free.

This can't be real
Losing touch
I tried to find the heart of trust
but they just mouthed insincere platitudes.
Friendship is golden, This bond is bound to rust.
What are these walls to the world.
why am I so worried?
what happened to those old days?
you kid, you make me seem senile grey.
out with my.....
I'm scarred in sympathy.
I want my saltire sky.
Mortality made me a man
Skipping past street corners, clubs, adventures and higher learning.
I'm a man in decline.
Worried he was plucked from the vine
hungry for the time.
On a quest to put this empty ache to rest.

Written 11/3/2010.

by Scott Forster

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