Man In The Jungle

There was a man in the jungle
I spied on him but tried not to mingle
Then I observed that he is alone and single
He was active and he knew the jungle at every angle.

Since he lived in the jungle, he became a night hunter
With my surprised and curiousity I begun to wonder
What is the man doing? my mind start to ponder
Then I followed the man, I noticed his hunger.

I saw this man moved and climbed the tree
He picked up fruits and ate in his face of greed
Then he slide backed down to the trunk which has a hole
He placed and keep the fruits inside and remained as whole.

He relieved from hunger so he jumped of joy
Just like a soldier or knight of troy
Who won from the battle where enemies destroy
Tapped his chest like Tarzan which made me annoy.

by Judith Kempis

Comments (1)

Fantastic poem. Full of depth and wisdom. The poem is rich in imagery. Great write indeed. I give it 10/10. Kindly read and rate my poem 'A farmer' on page 1.