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Man In The Mirror
WO (3 february 1995 / lagos)

Man In The Mirror

'I'm gonna make a change'-
That's the promise I always make.
Yet this man walks the streets
With heart full of joy and under his feet
Crush the bones of the half-dead
And in his mouth, crunches the beggar's bread.
I brag of his intimidating strides, his grin
His smile when the forest is green.
I see not his festering wounds haunted by worms
Nor his roofless abode plagued by thunderstorms.
That Man in the mirror-
I thought he is a part of me, I was wrong-
He is me, and I am him and his song,
That song I bitterly despise
Those words ever in his eyes
My sinful joy, they threaten to derange
His pestering words-
'Make That Change'

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