Man In The Moon

tonight that moon looks round and hollow
the old man's face poc-marked and scarred
mirrors my heart in the reflection on the water
craters dig deep and leak into the bottom like an old abandoned well

oh well that's love it puts your heart up in the sky then
blows holes in it with shooting stars
and forms crash bang boom slices of nothing
a little more deflated each time

but how do you keep from falling? into silence underwater
with a splash no one cares to hear but the gulls on the shore
my heart is heavy tonight it sinks deeper to the ocean floor
where it's dark but not so lonely anymore

i can still see the shooting stars and wish to feel the heat of you
but that life's yesterday and i can live aflame
even with my cold hands and make my own fire down here
the light on the surface keeps me warm until my moon's higher in the sky
than any of those shooting stars can ever fly

ever noticed how he shows up in the morning
like he's been racing the sun?
still there though it's daylight and her job's only begun
waiting till the light falls and she stumbles behind the earth
to wake tomorrow to burn with a new light for me.

by Shannon Thompson

Comments (2)

Shannon, this is beautiful... loved it. Such a dreamy poem, filled with great imagery. Keep up the good work! :) Shannon :)
whoa, ur poem sinks deep. I love it. I like the imagery and the imagination of ur poem and the use of words.20/10 ^__^