RR (13-7-31 (see reverse) / Chennai born, now at Juhu, Mumbai, India)

Shana's Song

Time could never erase.
The sweetness of my Shana's face.
You were my angel, through and through.
Oh, my darling, how I long to see you.
On wings of pure billowing white
I long to soar to that heavenly light.
With a smile forever etched across my face
And a peace in my heart pain cannot erase.
Oh, how I long to hear your voice.
Your laughter was catching, you always seemed to rejoice;
When those around you were lonely or sad
You could always cheer them and make them glad.
Your tireless compassion is remembered my dove
With smiles, and sadness, and tears of love.
One day soon, my precious child;
It won't be long; just a little while.
The trumpet will sound on high
And we'll join hands in the sky.
Then this cold broken thing they call a heart,
Will be warm and whole as from the start.

by Debra W. Shuler

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'Each one knows Its own weight, A seat it selects, Knowing its limit, And up it flies, To its chosen height.' But we don't... excellent poem.10+++
Thank you charles garcia