Man Made

Mortal man,
against all odds we continue.
In war,
through famine and despite

I can think of none other whom inhabit
this great earth
that have destroyed its beauty
simplicity of design so eloquently.

Plagued by religious zealots
...death by Peace
…greed by continent,
we are indeed
Man Made

who will save our soul

our collective
of dreams and hope.

What drives us to this
since the first day
we gazed upon the oceans,
persuaded the other side
holds more wealth
than that which we hold in our hands

maybe we have more

than heart.
more vision,
than soul.

 I offer a thought... can we
stop the carnage that is us?
'The beautiful whom destroy'
behind Veils of Modern man
or the masked lies of evolution

by Cee Bea

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