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Man Of God

Man of God whose battle is against sin. A soft spoken voice who proclaims the adorning within.
A high calling from God above delivering a message of power and love. His weapons are the pure word of God. Capturing men's souls upon earth who have trod. His breastplate is faith and love. His helmet is the hope of salvation which is from above. A master in knowledge and a minor in sin. A lover of souls he guides to the end. His investments are in human lives. His accumulations are souls made alive. A profession chosen above all men. Because his father has given him the power to win in the end.

by Sylvia James

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Everything in this life is a test, we are not here for the beauty, for every soul we touch is a merrit from God, we learn the abc's of his love, humality, tolorence, humble, pain, sacrifice, love, and faith, to those who have suffered in his name, is a test, it is not the church that we worship, but the church that lives within self, humality the hardest test in the world, but faith the rewards of life, death is life, and life is death, the more love that we give, brings us closer to Gods house.