Man Of Steel

Come and take a walk with me, come fly without a care, we'll look around the world below us, darlin don't be scared,

I promise not to let you plummet to the ground below, for here I am your Superman, the sights and sounds just go,

in rapidest of fashion it's so weird to feel us glide, amidst the stars and sky we are together flying high,

I recognize that things to you appear not as they seem, we talk amongst ourselves and yet you think you're in a dream,

but open up your eyes and see reality in blue, it's simple intuition and infallib'ly it's true,

that you and I together form like Voltron's head and feet, I see our bodies intertwined in cold or dead'ning heat.

We fly now over Istanbul, remember there's no fear, it's chilly like a mutha as we're flying way up here,

I feel the goosebumps on your arms so please just take my cape, see I don't mind the frosty air it does invigorate,

the sense of me relentlessly we criss and cross the globe, my caping drapes your shoulders as we dip and floss fa sho,

the fellas did you wrong I know the damage can be real, no 'S' across my chest but yes I am your man of steel.

From NYC to Wakiki no distance is too great, a hundred million miles an hour getting there in 8,

point 6 seconds exact'ly heart to heart we both will rome, you blink your eyes I'm gone but find, I've safely dropped you home.

by James Lewis

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