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Man Of War
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Man Of War

The silence filters through the air,
Where animals once ran without care.
Fields of green, now coloured red,
Where lovers walked, now only the dead.
The man lies thinking, he's only half alive.

He fought for his country, now he fights to survive,
His wife and his children, many miles away.
How they begged him to stay,
But duty called, he shoulded his gun,
From this war he would not run.

He stood tall, his heart filled with pride,
Then he departed for that last lonly ride.
The noises of war never relented,
He forgot what it was like to be contented,
The cannon s and rifels are fired.

Surely the world must be tired,
Why can't this uesless slaughter end.
When ther's no more young men to send,
Come to your senses east and west.
Lay down your arms, do whats best
To keep our world in one piece,
Let these hostilities cease.

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like the poem, .............................hits the target..
Shiela, this is a nice poem, but it is important to use your spell check. If you don't have one, then proof it a little better. There are many incorrect spellings here. Raynette