Man On A Camel

Met a woman long time ago,
Chocolate hair and brown eyes all aglow.
Man, that girl turned me inside out,
Showed me what my love was all about.

We danced with spirits not since seen,
Kept a fire burnin' fit for some queen.
But when the fire turned ice and began to die,
She said 'I don't love you no more and I can't say why.'

A man on a camel rode up and said,
'Boy, she got tired o' warmin' your bed.
And better looky here at the midnight black,
Can't you see she ain't never comin' back? '

'Gotta get outta here, son, it's just all wrong,
You been in this desert way too long.
She's gone for good, don't you stay for bad,
Just remember the fire 'n ice eyes she had.'

Well, I shook off the cold and, mindin' his words,
Whispered to my mount, 'Just follow the birds.'
One look ahead with the wind in my face,
An' the stars jumped up 'n started shootin' at the place.

You can go now, baby, and no need to worry,
I'll think of you right, now that I ain't in such a hurry.
You served me well for such a long time,
With your be-nice voice and stop sign so fine.

Yeah, gonna dust off my dreams and pack you away,
Open up my treasure chest and keep it that way.
I'll find love some day, somewhere and somehow.
But that's just somethin' I don't wanna think about now.

Well, that man on a camel never heard my thanks,
'Cause I split that desert when he filled in the blanks.
I never looked back at Sodom or Gomorrah,
I was workin’ full steam just to get to tomorrow.

Yesterday was you and I'll always have that
I'll take it for what it was an' not try to go back.
An' when I get to my home I'm sure I'll see,
Fire and ice, they'll be what they's meant to be.

by Seamus Whittington Crawford III

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