man On The Hill

Man on the Hill

You see the man on the hill,
he's searching for his thrill,
you know he's been up there all night,
yeah he's been there before,
searchin for the shore,
he just can't see the light,

He tried everything he knew,
to keep his mind off you,
but he just can't get it right,
you know when you said goodbye,
you hurt more than just his pride,
but he just can't get it right, cause he still loves you

You see the man in the cage,
you know he's rummblin with rage,
you see his world has come all undone,
he just doesn't understand,
all the things that he planned,
he's lost his love for havin fun

He gave his love,
but you needed more,
then you said you would never leave,
he gave his heart,
but you let him fall
let him grieve

Gomer LePoet...
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by Gomer LePoet

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A very wonderful, sad poem.