HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Man On Thee Impossible Quest

Man on thee mission.
Such ambition.
Man on fire.
To insurmountable heights he does aspire.
Now more challenging than a man on thee moon.
Thee time is opportune.
Just like thee leading man on Broadway.
All will be in his sway.
He will be thee man of world tv.
All will agree.
Thee only subject of any man on thee street interview.
It will be his generation's coup.
More famous than Paul McCartney's foolish man on thee hill.
His success will equally thrill.
Talked about by every man on his cell phone.
By one and all forever known.
More demanding than a backward pedaling man on a bike.
Yet no one knows exactly how to penetrate thee sensual dike.
Just like putting thee very first man on horseback,
Will he be universally thought of as a mere quack?
Futilely leading a man on to entice -
To court thee chilling Condoleezza Rice!

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