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Man's Best Friend

A time in my life I had nothing at all;
I thought my world had come to an end;
Then as I sadly looked about my home;
In the corner of my eye, I saw my best friend.
She was panting at me, and also wagging her tail,
I knew she would lead me to heaven, or drag me out of hell.

She has always been faithfully at my side,
Through the calm times of my life and also the rough,
She never wanted anything from me, but only my love,
And for me she has never run away or given up.
And there in the corner she was wagging her tail,
I smiled at her, as I realized a true friend did prevail.

She then slowly got up and then walked towards me;
As though with sadness and of great concern;
I got down on my knees and she licked my face;
Unlike others I know, she didn't want anything in return.
I then patted her on the head as she wagged her tail,
How I wish more humans were like this canine female.

She has never searched or wanted another master,
To me she has always been true and devoted,
She has always came when I called and needed her,
My faith in her, I have always noted.
And whenever I have been sick or my health began to fail,
She would always be at my bedside wagging her tail.

The dog cares not for any material belongings,
As mine is always happy just to be with me,
And at my side she is ready to protect and defend;
And she doesn't argue or whine, she is mans best company.
Man's final fate is decided from hate, sin, poverty or depression;
A dog's fate, man's loyal friend; will always make it to heaven.

Randy L. McClave

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This is a well deserved tribute to the most sincere and most faithful four footed friend world across. This is a typical story where ever one is. Randy, you did it nicely. Thank you for sharing.