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Man's Best Friend

They come in many sizes
But legs of four are all the same
If it wasn't for their company
I think I'd go insane

Their love is unconditional
No matter what you do
You can treat them so unfairly
But they'll still come back to you

So take a lesson from your dog
Forgive, love, and forget
Because life can treat you badly
And you may have to live with what you get

10 March 2007

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This is one of your superb poems. It's musical and the subject is for general patronage- the young, old, dog lover or those who pets crocs.
JoAnn, why the heck haven't you got loads of comments on this poem I'll never know. Although I am a cat man, I love all animals and yes we can learn a lot from them. Their love is unconditional. Beautiful poem. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. Dodgy Dave