Man’s Best Friends As Crossing Guards

Poem By Hebert Logerie

The ashy dust settled gracefully
On the blue flame
While the supersonic train walked slowly
As if a glamorous fashion show was taken place
At the behest of the anorexic supermodel
Who got tripped on the narrow one way.

Like a thin thread, the man-made centipede
Waned effortlessly
Before acquainting
The passengers who stood perplexed
Despite the ken of the speed
Of this incredible flying machine.

Not too far from the kiosk of the train station
Two dogs came running like crossing guards
To stop two shy lads playing hooky
From crossing the dangerous tracks.

Hébert Logerie is the author of “Mounts And Valleys of Love”
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Comments about Man’s Best Friends As Crossing Guards

Superb like the supersonic train...your description blotches the reader's heart with those colourful similies10+++
very strong and effective poetic expressions sir...nice one/...liked it very much 10++
incredible. want to read it over and over, thank you. some of it is hard to understand but I think thats a good thing
Dear Mr Hebert, 'Man's best friend as crossing guard' is a unique poem with beautiful imagery, nice flow of words, which forces one to read it loud and let them sink in the heart.. 'like a thin thread the man-made centepede waned effortlessly' or 'supersonic train walked slowly as if a glamorous fashion show was taken place' and it reaches it's crescendo when you say'two dogs came running like crossing guards' we know the poetry has reached its ultimate. Thanks for sharing A10 from me Incidentally, other two I have commented upon on 21/03& 22/03me.-Rajkumar
These lines struck me like a roaring waves strike Water all over treasure beneath At the end, a meditating saint moving with wave Chanted a word of truth. Nice expressions and flow of words. The theme 'guards' lovely. Enjoyed the read. Thank you.

4,9 out of 5
6 total ratings

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