TM (15 November 1980 / Cessnock, Australia)

Man's Evolution

The seeds are sowed,
Three by three,
The chick hatches,
The seedlings now trees,

Flowers bloom, as adolescent,
Sun’s shinning,
Flood waters arising,
Rainfalls poring, down our cheeks,
A rainbow appears,
As the bird fly’s free,

Alpinist climbs the mountain side,
As the bird flies by and soars the sky,

Sunflower, petals - withered,
Wrist watch stoped,

As new offspring’s sprout,
New stars are formed,
Our galaxies expanding,
Evolution forever evolving, never ending.

by Tia Metcher

Comments (1)

i have always wondered where the universe expands to, i mean it must occupy an already existing space ponder over it.