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Man's Happy Day

There are two happy days in every man's life
The first one being when he takes himself a wife,
A woman that he loves will now become his bride
Two souls will become one, as their souls are tied;
Her desire's now becomes his own duties and wants
Now forever in his soul her feelings and voice haunts,
Together they will be one until the day that she dies
And until that moment; he must listen to her wants and cries.

The second happiest day are in the lives of most men
It is when they are saved by GOD and are forgiven of their sin,
Now him and his wife will be together, forever more
Both in this life and the next life as they walk the distant shore.
The second happiest day are in a saddened man's life
Happily though it still pertains to him and his wife,
In their life of marriage, their needs now takes a separate course
Now the man again is happy, when he sues his wife for a divorce.

Randy L. McClave

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Hah! Nice ending. Humorous!