Man's Morality-Ανδρός Ηθική

Poem By Kostas Lagos

Man's morality

Like a shell it is broken

by a woman's kiss

Ανδρός ηθική

Σαν τσόφλι την τσακίζει

φιλί γυναικός

Comments about Man's Morality-Ανδρός Ηθική

that's the problem, my friend, this is a point and a source of other chaoses which they so less understand, ...... in Islam kiss / love between male and female is 100% prohibited before marriage, if a child is born before marriage, it is called..... '' in Islam which is no way permitted but is grave punishable crime, ..... thanks for sharing the poem
Remember, there were multiple factors coming into play here- - the serpent, the attractiveness of the fruit, and that rebellious streak common to humanity where we choose to break the rules and go after what we think we want. I don't blame either of them, completely. Amazing how such a short little senryu can set you to thinking! : -)

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