Man's Problem And It's Solution

Man's basic problem can be clearly shown
He feasts on forces which he did not earn
He thinks the world was made for him alone
He has not learned yet how to really learn That natural self which simply drifts along
Tasting pleasure as it comes while shunning pain
He does not know that he is really very blind
Alas he lives his life in shadows almost in vain He does not know that he is mostly fast asleep
He drifts through life surrounded by a foggy haze
The only time he wakens just a little bit
Is when the pain and fear may sharpen up his gaze He does not know that pain and fear are valued gifts
That could lift from him the shroud of everlasting nights
When men draws near to them intentionally to learn
The darkness lifts and makes the day turn clear and bright The crafty foxes tell him that he has been robbed
By all the flowing ages which have somehow gone amiss
They tell him that he should demand his human dues
And take for absolutely nothing what is really his The natural self is tempted by the wily tempter's tongue
By all of those who's plan it is to take control
When order's gone and mischief finally rules the world
In the tempter's kingdom he will find himself a slave enrolled To know, the natural self must first be firmly stopped
By someone who is patient, and yet bold and very wise
A mighty hunter of the truth who's surely paid his dues
And not a callous tyrant as a godly saint disguised For when the natural self is surely stopped at last
That moment dawns, the truth is clearly seen
A world of forces which from all demands respect
No more the careless playground that it's been For when the natural self is really stopped
It's natural for him to submit and bow his head
Once stopped he learns to start himself and earn his way
The basic words within the book of life are finally read Yes when the natural self is thus so wisely stopped
And meekly bows unto a mighty and mysterious world
The soul is launched upon a grand and Godly course
The flag of truth at last is flown high, unfurled From out that matrix which thus newly formed
The soul in triumph rises, shining beaming bright
The spirit acts to make the two become as one
A mind and body which are filled with cosmic light So pour yourself into the mould of truth
And let your light so freely shine and grow
That in a somber world of darkness and despair
There will be some who see, and seek to know

by Lewis Mortensen

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