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Man's Single Life

There was Lynn and Heather, Kim and Sharon
Chris and Julie, Amy and of Course Mary;
Then came Janet and Kathy, Kate and Karen
Tammie and Lily, Teresa and then came Cherri.
These were all of my women and each one was my lover
And I remember each one that came into my life,
But, they soon all left me, when the truth about me they did discover
That I only wanted them as my lover, but never as my wife.
They cooked and they cleaned, they also ignited my fire
A good woman in any man's life makes his life worth living,
Companionship and needs was and still is my only desire
I especially enjoy the gifts that a woman enjoys giving.
Being a single man it is the perfect life for me
I would highly recommend that to any single man that I'd meet,
Live the life that you want and don't change and still be free,
And maybe hopefully another woman in the morning you will greet.
A woman doesn't want to be lonely, so she must have a man
She will do what she can to snare and then to trap him,
Marriage to any woman that of course is her ultimate plan
He then will become her servant, for her every wish and whim.
I have been told that I will die unhappy and also all alone
There will be no woman at my bedside when this life I leave,
But, then I don't want any tears, or any woman to ever cry for me
For the lost of me, I do not want any woman ever to weep or grieve.
Maybe next for me there will be a Tina or Rachel or maybe a Stacy,
An Amber or a Georgina, Lilly and maybe even a Dawn,
Carolyn, Alice, Debbie or maybe another Lacy
When one woman leaves me, I just need to find another one.

Randy L. McClave

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Truthful poem about your feelings and life. Just saying, respect those who love you. RoseAnn