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Man's Sins

GOD wants all man to make it to Heaven
While man is determined to send himself to Hell
As he will deny the law, that GOD gave us all
Then that road to heaven he will ultimately fail.
He ignores the laws that was set before us
Then he uses excuses why he did or must sin
But he cannot hide, from those deeds inside
As he will then marked before GOD and men.
He will think that he is rightous to one and all
As he will declare to all that his sins were a must
He will forget his sinful way, until judgement day
As his soul will be judged and his body will become dust.
Man thinks that all will forget the evils he has done
But in the end his deeds and acts they will all prevail
And he will be known, from the deeds that he has sewn
GOD gives out heaven, but man's determined to go to Hell.

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