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Man Versus Satan

Both: Man and Satan are the fuel of falsehood,
But the ingredient that tell between them,
Is of stupendous, quite contradictory, opposing.

Satan remains staunch, unbent and resolute,
On the false commission of the deeds.
Though Man commits wrongs trespassingly no doubt,
Goes against the imposed restrictions or barriers,
Chasing taste, attractions or carnal pleasures,
Under the influence of some unbridled desires,
Yet when the deed is done, the wrong is committed,
He is bent, sheds tears, becomes penitent,
The more tears he sheds fearing Omnipotence,
The more he is raised, dignified to the heights,
Approaches the regal status that once our Parents,
Were deprived, beguiled thorough diabolic tricks.

by Shahida Latif

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