BA (06/25/1940 / North Carolina)

Man Walking {a Friendly Wave}

I saw a man walking,
Down the street he went,
With his back almost in sight,
With an arm raised and slightly bent,

As I got closer and passed him by,
I noticed looking back and to the rear,
He was waving to me with his hand to the sky,
what a neighborly gentleman, he did appear,

I thought to myself, As I continued by
What a nice world it could be,
If everyone would share,
A little wave to all, not just to me,

A friendly gesture,
We seem to ignore,
Or another reason,
We just want to deplore.

Life’s to short, don’t let it pass by
So go out and pass, that friendly wave,
You may never know, with that little hand,
The life you touch, and the joy it may pave.

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