MA (March 27,1951 / India)

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Man With A Vision! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Child, its late, are you awake?
Ill pull up quilt and just fake.
He would walk away saying no hurry.
It’s bright and sunny but not to worry.

Oh, it’s his weekly off day.
I thought as I quietly lay.
He loved the family up and around.
House filled with laughter’s sound.

He was a man with vision,
And quietly on a mission.
Today I fondly reminisce
It’s been long since

Heard him recount his life
And how he met his wife.
A woman of substance,
Who learnt classical dance

Encouraged by dad
After four brats, she had.
You must follow your dream
He would say with pride and gleam.

While playing chess, a board game,
He would talk of success and fame.
And then laugh and say checkmate,
see, pay attention, not curse your fate.

Quote Rumi and Kabir
The so called wandering fakir.
I would yawn and playfully fight,
But now read the same for insight.

My mother in exasperation would tell
You are turning her into a rebel.
When I slowly and surely came of age,
Mother said let’s her marriage arrange.

Dear wait, to live a life of dignity
You must take the plunge with certainity.
Marriage is just one of the milestones
Girls with minds of their own feel forlorn.

You must give it almost all
But make time for self, however small.
Learn to be proactive
Perfection however is relative…

Oh dad, if only I had paid heed.
You sure knew me well indeed.
I am your girl I thought lying in bed
So no regrets, slow and sure tread.

You had such an open mind,
They no more make your kind.
No girl of your ever felt acursed.
you loved and adored all of us.

At times I wonder, did God
After making you broke the mould.
You treated us in all ways at par.
Now girls's are killed or live with scars...

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Comments (22)

Loved the way u represented a visonary man..a pioneer poetry
Without vision revelation cannot come. A very deep write. Well done!
Fathers don't tell - 'how to live' They live and show, what life is... to live. Being a child of that father Dear poet, you owe a lot and you paid them. We all know you, and the power in your pen Today, we all can add the grace to bow to your father too. Its not just flesh and blood relation Its a relation of imbibing great essence of life from him. Love you dear poet, you are excellent here The Sense of Esteem, is at its peak. So is the wealth of this write.
A wonderful tribute to your father! The last line raises several moral, religious and ethical issues! People in general do not want a girl child! And unfortunately advances in medical science is helping them to eradicate the girl child! Apart from proper education and equal rights, threre is a pressing need to Change our Attitude towards girl child! 10 + -Raj
A poem par excellence with an autobiographical touch and flowing tribute to a noble father. His vision reflects in your thoughts and actions too. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of literature and life. CP
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