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Man With Many Hats

David was the first name I knew you by
Seemed to be such a wonderful guy
Left inspiring messages on my poems
Made me feel so at-home

This led me to your second hat
Helping through my emotional combat
With you compassionate words
A bit of a Doctor I concured

Before I knew you even more
The Dodgy Dave hat was worn
I've yet to hear the meaning behind it
In due time you will admit

Next on your list of hats
And another to add to your stats
Is the one of the Vicar
They say I was mistaken by saying you were quicker
(But I was just trying to rhymes with liquor and vicar)

I should have know by your tones
You had a piece of God's cornerstone
Even sent me one of your sermons to read
I read it, and gave my opinion truthfully

After stating the fact of the vicar theocrat
That leads my story to the convict hat
Where Dodgy Dave the Vicar was put in jail
For having his Tele Tinkle wail

The jokers hat came next you see
Were you donned a belly dancer's suit and wig with glee
I hear you have many more silly stories to tell
About your humorous side some know so well

You also own a lover's hat
You can tell by your poetry scat
Such beautiful words I hear
For your true love you hold so dear

I know you wear a daddy hat
With so much love inside it's hard too not imagine that
Now we know your a bit of a star
For your a look-a-like for Walter Mathau

I'm sure you wear many more hats
And there are many more to add to your stats
OH! ...I forgot one...a musician hat...you write songs
So as I receive new hats...I'll pass them along

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Comments (3)

I love this very much. Seems you are very close to this subject. He must have been an inspiration, and you have high respect on him.Very good..You did justice to him, of course..
well done jo, this is very original. I don't know anyone who only wears one hat!
JoAnn I loved this the first time you showed it to me a while ago. The extra verses make it sound even better than before. Another great Dodgy Dave tale. Made me smile with this one. Thanks for sharing it my friend. Now which hat would you like me to sign this comment by. I know. Verdie. You've never heard that before. I will tell you the tale before next week is out. Verdie