Management Safari

Poem By Subroto Chatterjee

When ideas make a rumble in the jungle,
Wounded icons take a tumble.
Then strategies work full throttle:
Making merry with old wine in new bottles!

Cases carefully and seamlessly constructed;
Common sense integrated and deconstructed;
Wisdom posted at inquiry’s door:
Can students and teachers ask for more?

Goals that fix a moving target,
Goals that cover a mixed-bag market;
Goals that imbibe learning and placements;
Goals that don’t forgive displacements.

While Fayol managed to discipline-
What Taylor nudged later to begin-
Drucker founded the modern brand;
Management seemed in safe hands.

The Gilbreths and Follet streamlined too;
And Bernard was one of the few-
With Prahalad and Handy to canter
In together with Porter and Kanter.

Hammer and Champy, Peter and Waterman:
Offered balms to corporations and also-rans.
And as practices branched in numerous lands,
The jungle predators bared their fangs.

Corporate battles won by joint ventures;
These are management’s new adventures.
Whether hunting for bulls or courting the bears,
Wisdom and folly come down in pairs.

Pathfnders of old and inventors of new,
Have a job to cut and hew;
To sharpen the brain and soften the heart,
It is not for nothing that management’s an art!

Copyright © SC
21st December 2006

Comments about Management Safari

Being an old MBA student, I loved and enjoyed those references to all our 'gurus' and 'pundits' of Management! Management is a refined art which remains evergreen! Its many innovative measures the world has seen! 10+ -Raj Nandy

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