(19/03/91 / Salford)


The place I live
I have all my life
It's full of culture
It's really big

When I go on holiday
It's just not the same
I depend on all the junk and pollution in the air
Well, that's what I've lived on all my life
You can't blame me

I love going to Aflecks Palace
Where we buy all our clothes and accessories
It's amazing

If you havn't been to Manchester
You have to come just to go in Aflecks
It's a great experience for tourists
And Urbis, the meeting place for everyone

Manchester is great
I love living just outside of it
I can get on the bus
And go whenever I want

THE BEST! ! ! !

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A nice tribute for your town. Never been there........of course, but it sounds nice! Sincerely, mary