Harlem [dream Deferred]

Poem By Langston Hughes

I love to play the mandolin

With a hare hailing from Berlin

His fingers are too small

He always drops the ball

I rubbed a lamp, found no djinn

Λατρεύω να παίζω μαντολίνο

Μ'ένα λαγό απ'το Βερολίνο

Έχει δάχτυλα μικρά πολύ

Πάντοτε χάνει τη βολή

Χωρίς τζίνι το λυχνάρι στο κομοδίνο

Comments about Harlem [dream Deferred]

His fingers are too small He always drops the ball. sensing a sense in non sense. a fine poem dear Father. tony
A clever limerick, my friend. Love the last line! 10+

3,3 out of 5
95 total ratings

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