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Manford, In The Cave

Manford was the happiest man that I have ever known
He was the man that lived in a cave all alone,
Never did I see him worry or hear him cry
He was indeed the luckiest man alive.
He always stayed the way that he wanted to be
And he would never change for either you or me
His dreams and wishes they stayed the same
He was how he wanted to be every night and day.

Manford was the man in the cave that lived all alone
Never once did he cry or did he ever moan
He never did lie in the world of his that he had made
And that is where he lived and enjoyed and stayed.
He never had anyone because no one wanted him
Except for the visits by the rain and the wind
He stayed where he is destined to grow old and live
And he never does take, so he never does give.

Manford was known as the man who lived all alone
The clothes on his back is all that he owns
Nothing else does he need in the world that he made
And that is how he believes every night and day.
He daily sits in his cave and stares at the sun
Everybody has someone he thinks, but he has no one
Occasionally he will reminisce so he will sit and smile
But, then he will blink his eyes, he will forget for a while.

Manford lived in his cave until the day that he died
He gave all, but received nothing so he sat and cried
No one ever cared the way that he did care
He knew not how to give or even how to share.
Sitting all alone he lived the way that he wanted to live
People kept their problems in a bowl, he kept his in a sieve
Manford lived his life without ever being anyone's slave
He was known as the crazy man who lived alone in his cave.

Randy L. McClave

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