JH (6 September,1962 / Sydney, Australia)

Mangees, Mangees, Mangees...

A new order is ours,
A new birth to the old
And we have ceremony.
A garden with no green,
White flowers grow on a bed of
Yellow sunlight.
The cliched regiment of red and white stripes
Have lost any meaning - black and blue drift
Into the past.
The long lost past.
Everything's gone green.
Growth, loving laughter with no emotion.
Carefree happiness lost in decaying childhood
While living childhood has tears
Brimming on every eye.
Buttercups flow everywhere -
Drifting in memories,
Floating on ponds,
Singing around my head.
Sunlight illuminates even the eve
linger by my side today.
Tomorrow become a forest
Put the world in a teacup
- it wouldn't notice.
But we'll change seats forever
And the dishes will always be clean
Tea for two
I am one
Are you -

(7 July 1982)

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