On Nakedness

Truth is naked.
The moon is naked.
The Elephant is naked,
so is the ant
the tiger,
the butterfly,
the monkey.

Adam and Eve were naked
and all in paradise.
So was the creation
truth was always naked;
It is and it will be.

As years went by
Humans invented dress,
learned thus to hide the truth.

Capitalists made an industry,
calculated the profits;
Advertised how good it was
to cover the naked truth.

They created slaves;
Made use of the poor workers
in the third world countries
to create dresses of all kinds and fashions.

They saved the money in the banks
all over the world.

Alas! oneday the capitalist
suffered a heart attack and fell.

The banks profited from his money;

The miserable dress makers
In the factories remained poor
and died in their misery.

Truth is naked
Truth was naked
Truth will always be naked.

by Dr. Antony Theodore

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This goes to your irksome tenant as a SCOLD when you dare.
Immortality gained in the most unlikely place, by ones who never sought it, the manhole cover makers. Amazing.
It is good that we can find beauty in the functional because 80% of our manmade surroundings are functional and not creations of pure art
A beautiful poem, full of wit and style. It's similar to some that I've done. Check out my poems Tissues and The Couch
This is such an excellent back-handed compliment.
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