Manicured And Stretched Out Hands

A repeating of facts,
Continues to drone on the deaf ears...
Of those not interested,
For what appears to be for them...
Constant badgering delivered with critique.
People have grown accustomed to their laziness.

No matter how constructive the truth,
Many prefer their realities diluted.
And the ones who can present the best arguments,
For reasons to ignore any mention of discomfort...
May gain an attention given to be followed by complaints.

Those familiar with receiving just hugs and kisses,
Are always heard to wish for those times they reminisce.
When offerings of escapades were theirs in abundance.
But today with protests and persistent demands,
Even the basic entitlements once given are slowly fading away.
With or without those manicured and stretched out hands.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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