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Manifesto Of Apocalyptic & After-Post-Apocalyptic Poetics Bothin The Mental Faculty And The Faculty Of Chromosomin The 21st Century's New World Culture@august,2018.(484th Poetry)

(1) This is the 21st century's new world culture of after-post-futurist's humanity-and-post-humanity of a mental-equilibrium into the zone of mental liberation both upon molecular moments and breaths-space-awareness with the self-reflexive-and- self-realization of no-tome-and-no-space(.................)gap-consciousness! ! (.................)(..................) (((WITH GOOD-WILL AND POSITIVE OTHERNESS FOR SPIRITUAL, INTELLECTUAL, PHILOLOGICAL AWARENESS, SCIENTIFIC-BEYOND-SCIENTIFIC AND AESTHETIC-NEUROAESTHETIC VALUES OF A BETTER WORLD (I mean true humans are trying to strive for its grace under pressure but be in the beyond-pressure music of bones and skeleton)AND PATHANA TEXTS; 24-machineries of life circles in the realm of cause and effect) IN BUDDHISM LITERATURE))) into new nature out of paradoxical ends of zombieness, not the concept of zombie story in commercial sense, a post-zombieness in the sense of natural reality filtered through disasters and failure-awareness to move forward with self-determined will of success in mental capacity.(A practising Buddhist's attitude with 24-machineries of life conditions; a contemplative-meditative moments
(2) It is a reflective-reflexive-introspective-conceptual -and postconceptual paradigmatic science on and through ecological condition, climatic condirion, technological singularity, robotic culture, mythical events in mind and humanity culture in chaos and in a variety of political systems and political ideologies.
(3) This is Utopian existence, not as a n escape of mental obession, but as a liberation for the unbearable lightness of poetic formation of mind in moments.
(4) This is voyage of poeric singularity.
(5) It is in the junction zone of science, mythology, nature, humanity, realiry, surrealiry in concept, layered beingness of life formations.
(6) It is an absolute freedom of textual formations and contextual liberation.
(7) It has a speculative beibgness upon parallel polirical reals of the new world order..(I jave qritten a book''99-Rivers: A New World Powtics Of The 21st Cenrury's Culture in 2017: Kabanaryeegyi Publishing House, Yangon, Myanmar.)
(8) Uropianisms are opwrated in litwrary qorld.
(9) Scientific Experimentals as powtics
(10) Roborics and Humanity linkages
(11) Mytgological creatives in poetics
(12) The third mind
(13) The Fourth Mind(Reality nature not as a reality show, but as a reality revoyaging in flexibilities of time-space frameless formations
(I have written it in the book''A Handbook For Paranothingness(2015) , The Key Publishing, Yangon, Myanmar.)
(14) Time travelogue
(15) Fiminist's tour upon freedom and equality in both labour, intellwctand finance fields as humanity reflexes in the new 21st century's culture is encountered.
(16) Poetic beingness and becomingness in sci-fi fiction as poetics of futureness is conceptualized.
(17) Becomingness nature of cyborgness is described.
(18) The danger of Nuclear weapons is seen.
(19) Post-apocalyptic age after stranfe epidemics is qeitten.
(20) Narrations in relifious texts of Buddhism, Hinduism and bibles.. etc are used in poetry not as a traditional souece, but as a contemporary and postcontemporary beingness-of-inventive in time of chaos and systematic fixity in 21st century's new qorld culrure's creatives-uncreatives voyage inmoments of life singularities
(21) Manifesto od Post-conceprual Powtics @August,2009. Is cited as important as this manifeato of post-apocalyptic poetics, Aufust,2018.(9- years gap)
(22) Reflective tour upon manifestos of futueism and post-futurism are experienced through post-apocaltpric beingness in powtics.
(23) Nature in new reflective and reflexive awareness out of the 21st cenruey's new world culrure has been emphasized in poetics
(24) love for peace, wisdom and humaniry from the standpoint of contemporary-poatcontemporary philosophy and from the existence-grounded theory of the end of philosophy and the bwginning of a new man afterapocalypse is seen.
(25) Cultural anthropology and culrural archeology has been seen as creative research poetics.
(Please makw spelling check as creative patience intelligence in the fastmoving 21st

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