NW (1d9.1.1962 / Yangon)

Manifesto Of Contemporary Poetry(2012)

Contemporary poetry is a junction zone of distilled sky and earth of
(1) .psychology
(2) .philosophy
(3) .ethics
(4) .new aesthetics
(5) .contemporary socio-cultural-economic-moral-political-technological issues reflecting power and knowledge
(6) .initiated knowledeg and creative wisdom of contemporaneity6.moment-to-moment decision making process
(7) .Alchemy between existing contemporary literary theory and working definitions of a practising and operational poet after modernist's literature and poetry
(8) .the end of literary genre concept
(9) .the concept of the continuum-chance, change, revisiting and reconceptualization
(10) .Contemplating on quotidian mental and physical experiences.

1: 25 pm February 21,2012

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This list is virtually meaningless, and could equally be applied in a vague way to poetry of any age. There is no manifesto, and if there were it would be manifestly abhorred, as the route which poetry takes is dictated by the individual poet's instinct and not by any arbiter imposing his desirable state of affairs onto weak-willed and malleable writers.