NW (1d9.1.1962 / Yangon)

Bombshell! !

My eyes they almost popped,
my jaw nearly hit the floor,
My tongue came out and flopped
as she walked through the door.
A body like I have never seen
in all my life before,
Now where could she have been?
no man could ask for more!
The whole room fell silent
but I could hear my heart thumping,
It was sheer excitement!
how fast my blood was pumping!
I turned ten shades of red
and could not catch my breath,
I thought I would soon be dead;
embarrassed to death!

I could not remove my eyes
no matter how I tried,
Then she was surrounded by boys
and I almost cried.
But then she just broke free
and slowly walked away,
Oh God she was coming towards me,
What was I going to say?
I prayed to God to be taken,
to be stricken down somehow,
My whole body started shaking,
and sweat ran down my brow.
I tried to speak but mumbled,
I totally lost control,
My thoughts became all jumbled,
I could not think straight at all.

But I must have said something witty,
something must have come out,
and as she laughed I thought what a pity,
she had not got a tooth in her mouth!

So do not judge a book by the cover,
look before you pounce,
For like me you may discover;
it’s what’s on the inside that counts! !

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Robert Frost

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