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A thousand miles apart
my voice you've already easily forgot
marriage love even kids i heard
all these words and ideas are absurd
why you had to crush my heart i'm not too sure
before i met you i was innocent and pure
you still have good i know you must care
i used to get trapped in your stare.
tone it down learn to chill
you dont know i love you still
i call you in disguise i hide behind lies
you voiced your hate i hid my sorrow
yesterday's friend wont be tomorrow
baby fine hair perfectly soft lips
your hands fit nicely on my hips.

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great poem Max.. if only more people were thinking like you.. HBH
Spoken like a gentle-man, Max! And for all of us.
Mr. Shine referred me to this poem. I am infinately grateful to him. Wonderful write. The unfortunate truth is that often time 'enough' is relative. Sometimes when we haven't had enough, often times our loved ones have had more than enough. Wonderful imagery...and insight. I invite you to share in a similar experience that I had. You may want to check out my post entitled, 'IN The Course of Human Events.' Thank you for sharing Max.
an amazing poem language image flowing with rich rhythm going to the heart of the matter- how to be free now trapped in personal history and habit the task monumental so well described here insight and courage needed hard to embrace in the troubles and worries of the ten thousand things we meet every day yet your words givie hope and that's a blessing
that was a great social commentary aimed inwards!