AK (September 30,1988 / Poland)


In spite of your constant manipulation
your fear of retaliation
I feel only desperation
to never cease
my devotion
In spite of the ocean of emotions
the waves that threaten to envelope me in their painful embrace
fed by illusion
starved by distrust
I don't wish for your manipulation
contemplating the cliche that most think will make it go away
the torment of being without more painful still
in your grasp again
controlled by you
helpless in your arms
abondonement in your lies
seduced by your need
I inhale one last breath
of this cigarette
walk away
find my own way

by Agata Konopka

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i like the way you compared the relationship to a cigerate. its perfect. you know its really not that great for you, but you do it anyway cuz you're addicted. keep it up.