Manipulated, Confused, Alone

Poem By James Lee Watts

I could tell you the truth, or I could tell a lie,
You wont realise, you don’t look me in the eye,
I can make you believe anything I say,
I can twist your mind, and make you think my way,

I’ll blind your eyes, hide the truth,
Treat you like a child, like a mere youth,
Make you do things to make me smile,
Mould you when your most vulnerable and volatile,
Just keep lying saying its all fine,
Hit you with it make you mine,

Grind you down, till you can no long fight,
But tell you to get up and push on with all your might,
When you slack, I’ll be kind to make you believe,
And help along my mission to deceive,
I’d even say those three words to get the job done,
All this is the name of fun,

Then when you finally trust me,
I’ll get you, I’ll summon your heart to thee,
Summon your heart forever, take it for my own,
Then I’ll leave you manipulated, confused and alone.

Comments about Manipulated, Confused, Alone

I never want to be confused or alone, but i love your poem!

2,8 out of 5
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