(11/11/1982 / Birmingham, England)


Used and abused
That's how you left me feeling
All sorts of emotions left unreeling
Why did you say what you did?
We were never more than friends
Yet people believed you
They wouldn't believe me
I never saw you in that way
What did you hope to achieve?
Is how you made me feel
Our friendship was what was real
My feelings were never stronger
Yet now the distance between
Is getting even longer
One chance
Is what I'm giving
To right the wrong you've done
If not
Then I can't see a way
For us to be friends from today

by Jeremy Williams

Comments (1)

Okay, I've read a few...you've got something to say and you're starting to say but your poems seem a bit clipped...as if you don't know where to go with the thoughts. You can hear this as you read them too. The flow is missing to some extent and the development....focusing on smal details normally makes for great poetry...just my tuppence worth but what the hell do I know? .LOL! Hope that helps a bit :)