🌈🌈 Manipulative Narcissists 🌈🌈

Here there are many,
Where ever you go they are waiting.
Relentless and highly manipulative,
There success depends upon what you do.

Having to deal with a manipulative narcissist,
Exploiting your mind.
And their need to be driven unable to define
Who and what you are.

They put you down and make up great claims about what
They can do that you can't.
They will cover the wall
and leave no room for you because
It gives them a since of dominance over you by control.

Do you know anyone that act's very charming,
On your meeting a narcissist they often hide their true colors
and come off as actually quite charming.
Especially claiming to be religious by worshipping the same
God, that you do.

No matter what the true facts are or what your situation may be,
They don't hear what you say, talking about only themselves.
The word's that they choose are shallow and weak,
And have no true substance at all.

When they appear and appear here they do, they can drone on endlessly
about nothing, but themselves.
When in truth most minds are the same, that is what average is,
The truth that they hear, drives them insane into a rage that but grows.

Verily thus they can't change,
Their issues are rooted deep in their mommies and daddies,
Minds that were weak from the start.

Like an immovable stone, weak and as soft as the flesh and
Ingrained in their me, look at their personalities.
Even after you've moved far away from them, here your safe.
Excised from your life, they will simply move on singing their song,
to the next unsuspecting
reader and start trying to change what you write.

by James McLain

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