Mankind's Fatal Enemy

For years you lived amongst us,
Eliminating secretly, our dear ones;
Rich and poor, famed and unknown,
Innocent and guilty, young and old.
Oftentimes, spiteful of all precautions.
We can't break loose from your fangs
Irrrespective of how hard we fight you.
You've played havoc with our highest ever technology
Rendering into sinecure, efforts of our scientists;
While you torment us secretly, yet openly.
Haven't you caused us enought pain and anguish?
Aren't you satisfied with your destruction?
Through the years we've defeated your likes.
But never have we seen a monster
As cruel, hideous and treacherous.
Nor have we been so frightened by an enemy.
Not even when we were torn into different hemispheres.
But now that we've identified you, there's one certainty:
You can't exterminate our race,
E'en though you keep playing for time.

by Frank George Mensah

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