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Mankind Wants To Destroy

Mankind wants to destroy human nature.
Nature dying, polluted.
The nation beautiful, saluted.
Bombarded with destruction.
We live on misconstruction.
Experimenting, making a new decease for a growing arm.
Probably growing on a farm, in the garden of men in white coats.
Pop a pill, rat poison from a chemist.
This is a world we live in.
Safe, I find it hard to understand,
why that word still exists.
Trees burnt and cut down.
By nature and by man.
Who's left with the upper hand?
Violence escalating, earth quakes with a vibration.
And you wonder why, the world's dying in its own salvation.
Killing, people dying.
The excuses I hear often, I wasn't brought up right.
Beaten without a fight.
Vagabond to society, the world you never bond.
Youths are educating their selves with vernacular.
Where's the caring attitude in this world?

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