Mannequin And A Pauper

This nonchalant beggar who loves a model queen
in a showcase.
When his till is full of coins
he just heads for an isolated pub
drinks a little and have a scanty meal of junk food.
In the night he backs to his ramshackle bed on the pavement
and makes a sound sleep.
They never talk each other and only in dreams
they wander hand-in-hand in no-go area; the 'paradise.'

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (3)

A street person with a dream that is more than food and drink to him. This poem definately has a soul. There are some tears in this one. Very appropriate to the creative process. Lovely work, Nimal. Warm regards, Sandra
Wonderfully poignant metaphors, Nimal. Obviously your heart bleeds like mine as to what's happening in your beautiful homeland...
Beautiful poem; I really enjoyed it. Mannequin and a pauper; paradox. Such is the irony of love, the forbidden fruit. BWF.